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How To Wear Casual Outfits For Guys?

We get this questions a lot. A lot of guys today are confused about how to wear casual outfits the right way. 

Honestly, most of the men's fashion sites on the web today talk about style that are for men above 30 or 40. Plus there're too many words written to even explain the simplest thing. (Mostly get some SEO traffic).

But, as you know and agree that fashion is visual medium. And if you can look at a guy who's wearing a great outfit, that's enough. You don't really need a ton of words to explain why the outfit looks good. 

Of course you need to learn about the fit and types of fabrics etc. But that's about it. You don't have to write 2000 words full of fluff to explain why a casual outfit like jeans and t-shirt looks good. It looks good, period. 

So, help you guys nail your casual outfit game, we've created this site. This fashion blog is only going to cover different casual outfits for guys. Nothing more. 


Before the internet days, people really had to do "real jobs". Every guy had to dress to impress. But, that's not case anymore. More millennials are quitting the 9 to 5.  They are starting their own business, working for cool startups or living a laptop lifestyle . 

Now, young guys (Guys in their 20's or 30's) don't need to wear clothes that "suits their work". There are more millionnaires working from home or a coffee shop or a co-working space then ever before. 

But, the problem is most people believe that casual mean sloppy. Casual mean you can pick up just about and anything from your closet and wear it. But, obviously that's not the case. 

Casual outfits for guys can be equal or in some cases better than formal outfits. But, you need to know how to wear casual outfits the right way. 

And that's exactly why we're working super hard to bring some of the coolest casual outfit inspiration from around the world. So, you can do what you do best and leave the "making you look better" thing to us. 


Now, you may ask, what exactly casual outfits for guys are? And we understand. As everything else in life, the devil is in the detail. 

The devil is in the fit. 

The devil is in the colour combination. 

So, to make a simple casual outfit to look great on you, you need to take following super seriously. 

  • The fit of you clothes. 
  • The fabric your clothes made out of. 
  • Matching the right colours. 
  • Picking an outfit that will suit your personality. (This one is a hardball, but, we'll talk about it soon) 

So, let's start with fit of your casual outfits. 

There's no rocket science here guys. The clothes that you wear must compliment you body type. Clothes should be well-fitted, not tight. You don't want to wear clothes that are super tight (Exposes all the wrong bulges in your body) 

You clothes should fit well and keep you comfortable at the same time. If you want to make your casual outfit more impressive then fit is the key to achieve that. 

If you don't get the fit of your casual outfit right, you risk looking a absolute slob. And as you know, that's not a good thing. Agree? 

So, all in all, the fit of clothes is one of the (if not the most) important aspects to making you look great casual outfits. 

Now, help you nail your fit game, here's a list of some very informative pieces on the fit. 

Now, that we've covered everything necessary about the fit of your casual outfits, let's dive in and learn about the fabric.

Now, the fabric that you pick for your casual outfits is largely based on the weather. 

If it's summers, then you should go for a lighter, breathable fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable. 

And if it's winters, then you should go for fabrics that are warmer, thicker. Like wool or leather. 

Of course, there's so much to it when you are deciding on the fabrics, but we're not going to discuss that in detail here. May be you can google it. 

Now comes the second most important aspect of looking sharp in casual outfits. And it's the matching. 

Now, this is tough. We see a lot of guys on the street that absolutely have no sense of matching. And if you don't get the matching right in your casual outfits, and nobody can save you from looking like a slob. 

We believe in simple, timeless combinations. So, you will be seeing a ton of white, grey, navy and black casual outfits here. 

We're going to share a few timeless casual outfit combination that will never go out style. So, whenever you are in doubt, just go for one these outfit combinations and you'll be fine. We promise!

Navy + White (Don't wear white pants, please)

  • Black + White 
  • White + Grey 
  • Black + Grey 
  • Navy + Grey 
  • Black + Wine
  • Indigo + White  

These are the best 6 casual outfit combinations that you can wear anytime you like and you are going to look sharp guaranteed. 

however, if you want to dig deeper in the colour matching thing, then can check out this post.  or this post

Now we come the last (not the least) important part. Wear outfits that suit your personality

This one tricky. There's nothing very particular about this topic that we can tell you. 

So, to help you look your best, what we're going to do is share some of the best casual outfits for guys on this blog.

Then you have to try, experiment with these outfits, get feedback from friends  and family and improve from there on. 

What Kind Of Casual Outfits Are Going To Cover? 

Well, the short answer is all. However, we're going to cover all seasonal outfits and sometimes trend based outfits. 

Here's a list of common casual outfits we're going to cover on mensfashionlab. 

  • Summer Casual Outfits For Guys 
  • Winter Casual Outfits For Guys 
  • Smart Casual Outfits For Guys 
  • Minimal Casual Outfits For Guys 
  • Trend Based Casual Outfits For Guys 

and much more....

So, if you've read so far. We want to appreciate your dedication to become the best-dressed guy. And we will do our best to inspire you and possibly help you transform your style for better. 

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Essentials You Need To Look Sharp In Casual Outfits 

Ditch the stiff collars and free the throat, streetwear is the new smart. If variety is the spice of life, one might as well add that spice to fashion. And what better way to spice up your wardrobe then to add more street wear to it?

But the Gordian knot of street wear is that there are too many trends to pick from and most people get confused about which one to pick and which one to avoid. Plus, having a few street wear essentials can create multiple casual outfits without weighing down your pocket.

So here’s your guide to an impressive street wear wardrobe with the must haves.


The perfect concoction of comfortable, smart and sassy- hoodies are the flavor of the season. While no one wears them because they plan to make a fashion statement, hoodies are the most effortless way to make an impression now. They can have slogans, they can have embellishments on the back, and you can pair them up with badges.

Primarily because of them being staple wears for rappers, unless you want to appear as one, avoid wearing sketchers with them. Sneakers are a safer bet. Also, avoid multi-coloured hoodies. They look too distracting to be cool.



In every possible variable of it, hats are a huge hit this season. You can safely experiment with many different styles, including fedoras, pork pies, boaters or derbies.

The only catch here is, one has to stick to more earthen colors for hats. Unless of course you are wearing beanies or baseball caps, in which case, experimentation with color palettes is recommended.


Oversized Plaid Shirt

Once the official garage-outfit and later the best friend of slogan tees, plaid shirts are mandatory if you aim to build a flexible street wear wardrobe. Only thing is: you have to stock up on the oversized ones, rather than your exact sizes.

Apart from the classic combination of plaid shirts and tees, there are plenty of options with them. Remember this: nothing goes atop oversized ones. They should only be kept as outerwear.

If you have a few of them in your exact size in your wardrobe, pair them up with v neck pullovers or puffer vests.

Trucker Jacket

Considered street wear for the young, trucker jackets are, in actuality, far more versatile. The present trend got a wonderful twist when Levi’s tailored trucker jackets with minimalistic bird prints on white-washed denim. There has been more experimentation ever since, but nothing trumps the classic ones.

For one of the bravest experiments with your outfit, try wearing trucker jackets of a darker shade over a denim shirt of a lighter shade. Denim on denim is off-beat, it is charming and it says a lot about how fashion-forward the person wearing it is.

Trucker Jacket.jpg

Oversized Tees

Firstly, the tee should not reach your knee; keep it at least 10 cm above it. This is a trend one must play safely with.

Secondly, oversized tees can have a lot of slogans, so if you want to wear slogan tees without layering on them, this is the way to go.

Thirdly, one should never wear anything underneath an over sized tee if it would be visible, neither something over it. An over sized tee is a complete statement in itself, no supplements are required.



The scarf and the derby hat are old friends. They are also one of the safest and trendiest and classic combinations to try.

People have tried various ways to drape a scarf in the recent autumn-winter collections, rather successfully. Definitely give this a try.


Ripped Jeans

This one has serenaded through the streets for the last decade and it is here to stay. One of the easiest fashion essentials to carry off- ripped jeans form the core of street wear wardrobes of men worldwide.

Ripped jeans are such a hit because they fit in many outfit combinations. They are as perfect with hoodies as they are with white shirts. Some people even buy proper denims and convert them into ones more appropriate for a street-casual look.

However, too many rips look more messy than sexy, especially because of the threads. Three rips maximum, avoid any more than that.

Ripped jeans.jpg


A friendlier and more sophisticated version of track slacks, joggers came into vogue much later than other work-out trousers did. But they swept the streets when they appeared.

Joggers are very comfortable and almost every professional with jobs that demand them to work outdoors are wearing them. Further, the classic combination of joggers and teal v neck shirts was revamped very recently, when dapper gents started wearing them with zipper cardigans.



The grand daddy of all foot wear and the shoe that put comfort over fashion: that is the identity of white sneakers. Unlike most other items on this list that have undergone some kind of metamorphosis or the other, white sneakers have retained their original form. They were invented in such a competent version, they hardly needed changing.

Although they have remained the same, the spectrum of outfits they can be worn with has been broadened. It is no longer sartorial sin to pair white sneakers with ankle length pin- stripe trousers, and you can wear them with almost all colours now (except for yellow tee- shirts).


Chelsea Boots

Affectionately called the Vikings of footwear because of their old-world charm, and long confined to women’s wardrobes, Chelsea boots are one of the most comfortable and trendy footwear after white sneakers.

And although men’s fashion designers took their time to introduce the trend to men, now that they finally have, they are an absolute rage.

Many are ditching the safer combination of trucker jackets and sneakers to wear Chelsea boots instead, and the fashion gurus like it. Remember this: footwear gives the last impression. And in fashion, last impression is a great first impression.


Our Favourite Instagram Accounts For Casual Outfits For Guys



Well-tailored outfits are this guy’s best friends. Also, because he is pretty much the Vitruvian man in terms of his body shape and he dresses accordingly, one would probably have to spend their fair share of hours at the gym before taking dressing advice from him.

He concocted a flawless look from a pine coloured bomber jacket and a stone coloured hoodie sweat shirt with jeans.

But his magnum opus is styling a black bikers jacket on a denim shirt with pitch black trousers.

While most fashionistas would dismiss this as a fashion disaster, he rocks the outfit and how! Although, you should probably give the belt chain a miss. It is not just passé, it is distracting.


Magic fox.jpg

Well-tailored outfits are this guy’s best friends. Also, because he is pretty much the Vitruvian man in terms of his body shape and he dresses accordingly, one would probably have to spend their fair share of hours at the gym before taking dressing advice from him.

He concocted a flawless look from a pine coloured bomber jacket and a stone coloured hoodie sweat shirt with jeans.

But his magnum opus is styling a black bikers jacket on a denim shirt with pitch black trousers.

While most fashionistas would dismiss this as a fashion disaster, he rocks the outfit and how! Although, you should probably give the belt chain a miss. It is not just passé, it is distracting.



If office outfits is your headache, than Sacawa should be your encyclopaedia. Bookmark him to revamp your work wardrobe and you would surely turn some heads towards yourself.

Most professions can draw lessons from his wardrobe, which is what makes him such a versatile fashion blogger.

He rocks the monk strap shoes. If people thought that front open cashmere overcoats can’t be worn with formal shirts, Sacawa is here to prove them wrong. He styles the cashmere overcoat with a plaid shirt and deep wine tie with pebble grey trousers. Do you think that wearing a denim shirt in the corporate world is sartorial sin? With Sacawa’s expertise, one could walk into a board meeting in a denim shirt. Just style it with a tweed patch-pocket jacket and a crocodile green tie like he does.



Cohen’s sense of fashion is as cool as his instagram handle. The one risk his followers won’t have is being called old-school. His fashion radar always picks the right trends and he lends his magic to them.

Also, for all the men out there who live in their sneakers, Cohen loves sneakers too.

One of the best looks he has created is the wine sweater pullover on a white shirt with the black zip- up jacket with the chocolate brown backpack and the Pantos sunglasses. It is a brilliant outfit for many occasions.

Even the tortilla sweater over the white shirt look is brilliant. He has styled it with a pebble grey overcoat and trousers and a knit beanie. Overall, the looks scores big.